My Website!
Project Link | 02/19/23 - ongoing

My website has gone through a number or iterations as my skills improve and I want to show off the new stuff I've learned.

This website has a Crystal backend and webserver, uses Caddy to serve HTTPS, and utilizes a ECR system for a lot of the templating. Aside from Caddy, this whole website has been created by hand by me, without the use of external libraries or tools. I also learned how to host it on my Raspberry Pi at my house in Texas, where it is hosted now!

Iteration 1 (02/19/23 - 07-11-23)

This first iteration was heavily inspired by the older days of the internet with minimal html/css, which was great because I was still learning a lot then.

You can see the homepage here, or the full source code here.

Iteration 2 (07-11-23 - 08-20-23)

The second iteration is where I was able to start exploring with more CSS, creating more organized divs, and dabbling in some animations and stylesheets. This iteration was mostly unfinished, as I wanted to show off a more modern and professional webpage.

You can see the homepage here, or the full source code here.

Iteration 3 (08-20-23 - current)

With this current iteration, I added more of a modern, clean style while adding some more CSS elements, most notably having a universal style sheet and color sheet. I also added a lot of backend aspects, most notably a Crystal program that renders markdown files into the project page and into their own page.

You can see the homepage here, or just click on the home tab.

The full source code can be found here.